Any pricing references in this FAQ are are for the purpose of answering questions. Please refer to your order form for actual item pricing.

  1. Q: My son/daughter or a coach can not make it for the team/group photo. Can you just 'photoshop' him/her in? 
    A: In some cases this is possible. Please inquire ahead of time. If it's possible, there is a $25 fee to add a player into a team shot. If the team shot was taken on-ice, it is NOT an option.

  2. Q: I'd like to order the "Lights Out" but I don't want it so big. Can I get it in a 5x7?
    A: You can order the specialty items as sheets A-I, but the price is still the same for the first print. For instance, if you want two sheet G's of "Lights out," your total will be $39 for the initial sheet, and $14 for the second sheet, and every sheet thereafter. 

  3. Q: How do I order a specialty item, for instance "Whiteout," in smaller sheets, like sheet A (two 3x5's and one 5x7)? 
    A: In the Item Letter box, enter: X-A; under description enter, "Whiteout;" under quantity enter "1;" under price, enter the Whiteout item price of "$25." (each additional sheet of Whiteout will be at the regular sheet rate of $14 since the item has been created)

  4. Q: There are many different poses in the samples; how do I know what pose will be used?
    A: We try our best to keep it fresh and creative. Players will be posed based on the item ordered. The player can verbally requests a particular pose to the photographer and if it works for the item, we will gladly accommodate. (It is not sufficient to write a pose request on the order form because it's unlikely we will notice it during the shooting process).

  5. Q: Can I replace a part of the package with team sheets F or J?
    A: No. Team photos are included in select packages. If it's not included in the package you wish to purchase, you can purchase F or J à la carte.

  6. Q: Does the digital file include the team photo?
    A: No. The team photo is not available for purchase in a digital format. Print only.

  7. Q: My daughter does not like to smile for her photos. Can you make her smile?
    A: No, we neither force or discourage players from smiling. We prefer a confident look. It's up to the player when it comes down to it. If a smile is what you want, please discuss with your player ahead of time. We are NOT responsible if they don't obey your wishes. Roughly 80% prefer not to smile. For Banner-Style Team Images, we put the decision in the hands of the coach and all players are encouraged to comply.

  8. Q: Can I bring siblings to get their photos taken as well?
    A: Yes, I love doing those, but you first need to obtain permission from the coach.

  9. Q: Can I see my photos online before I place an order?
    A: No, we do not offer proofing for sports photos. If you're concerned that you might not like your player's smile, we suggest purchasing one sheet and using that as your proof.

  10. - We want to order more, but we want to see the green screen photos first.
    - Sorry, but we do not share unedited green screen images. No green screen images are edited unless an order is placed. If we think you wont like the photo, we'll let you know.

  11. Q: Can I order more later?
    A: Yes, at any time you can place an additional order by sending a request to [email protected]. If you have any questions, call 248-444-1971 and we can help you get the ball rolling. 

  12. Q: If my son/daughter cannot make it to a scheduled photo session, can we get our photos taken at another time?
    A: Yes, you may bring them to another team's shoot as long as it's the same association, but their photo will be taken only after the scheduled team is complete. There might be a wait. Please contact us to plan it out.

  13. Q: What if I want something that isn't on the order form?
    A: It doesn't hurt to ask. Send us a message before the shoot and we'll get back to you ASAP.

  14. Q: Can we use sibling/buddy shots for anything on the order form? 
    A: Maybe, but there may be extra fees involved. For sheets A-I, there is no extra fee. For all other items, a $10 fee per head will be charged for each additional player (some exceptions might exist). Some items just don't work with multiple heads, so please contact us ahead of the scheduled photo date to inquire.

  15. Q: What is an "In The Snow," "Whiteout," "Weathered," etc?
    A: Samples of the items on the form can be viewed at Or for hockey:

If you have additional questions, please give us a call prior to the shoot so we can focus our attention on getting the teams on their merry way in a timely fashion on photo day.