Hello everyone,

This is where we will attempt to quickly update everyone on the status of their team orders. It's extremely fluid, so please check back here regularly.

Oof...we're behind. Rest assured, we are committed to getting back on track and will be working long days to do so. Please be patient. We're worth the wait.

Our goal is to stay under the 3-4 week mark, but there are too many variables involved for us to make guarantees. We will try our absolute best! All below projections are estimates.


Dowriver Otters: Completed. Picked up 10/25.

LCFHHA: Delivered to FHIA 11/8. 

Madison Fall Sports: Picked up 11/10.

Michigan Red Hawks: Ready for pick up 11/10. 

Compuware 10 + 11: Delivered 11/9.

Ann Arbor Hockey: Completed. Delivered 11/14.

Compuware 09+11+12+13's : Completed. Delivery scheduled for 11/21.

Lakeland 12, 13, 14, 15 Hawks, 16U Falcons White: Completed 11/17 ready for pick up. 

Livonia Hockey: Delivered 11/29.

Compuware 08 T2: Completed - Delivered 11/30

LCFH Day 3-4 (10/27-27): Completed. Delivered 12/1

Canton VH: Ready for pick up. Team reps notified by text message 12/4

KV Raven, Ice and Renegades [11/1]: Ready for pick up. Team reps notified via email 12/5

10/31: Experiencing a delay due to a printer repair.
11/7: Printer issue resolved. We're up and running. 


Trenton: In print. Projected readiness 12/6.

Canton JV and Varsity: In progress. Projected readiness 12/6-12/10.

Grosse Ile: Projected readiness 12/10.

Orchard Lake: Projected readiness 12/13.

Compuware 15 + 10: Projected readiness 12/14. 

Garden City: Projected readiness 12/15-12/17.

Plymouth Hockey: Projected readiness 12/16-12/18.

HB: Projected readiness 12/23.