Hello everyone,

This is where we will attempt to quickly update everyone on the status of their team orders. It's extremely fluid, so please check back here regularly. Our goal is to stay under the 3-4 week mark, but there are too many variables involved for us to make guarantees. We will try our absolute best! All below projections are estimates.


Flip Starz Gymnastics: Projected completion 3/7.

LC 09 AAA: Projected completion 3/8.

HB 08 AAA: Projected completion 3/9.

Premier Athletics Cheer: Projected completion 3/13.

International Stars 15 & 16: Projected completion 3/8.

Honeybaked 18U: Projected completion 3/9.

Dynamite Volleyball: Projected completion 3/21.

Twisters Basketball: Projected completion 3/21.

Storm 12U & 14U: Projected completion 3/25.

Saline 11U & 12U: Projected completion 3/26.

Madison Wrestling: Projected completion 3/28.